Downtown sketch

September 19, 2014 Beth 0

It’s been so long since I’ve uploaded anything new to my website that I’m surprised I remember how! 🙂 At any rate, this is a […]

Painting at the park

August 4, 2014 Beth 0

Today was a beautiful day. Instead of spending it stuck inside, I played hooky for a couple of hours and went to a local park. […]

Three-color portrait

July 30, 2014 Beth 0

Clearly I’m still struggling with portraits – haha Let’s start with what I like. I painted this using three colors – hansa yellow, ultramarine and carmine. […]

White Flowers

July 21, 2014 Beth 0

About a week ago I signed up for a one-month subscription to Essentially it’s a site full of video painting lessons. This painting is […]

Frog Painting

July 19, 2014 Beth 0

Today I decided that instead of just doing a sketch like I usually do, I would actually try to do a painting. This is from […]