Simple Plein Air Watercolor Kit

Make a Simple Plein Air Kit for Watercolors

Today my boyfriend and I went for a bike ride and I decided to take my watercolors along. I have never painted “en plein air” before, but have always wanted to try. In case you don’t know, en plein air is a French expression that means “in the open air.” In art, the expression is used Read More


A cheap (but decent) watercolor mop brush

I’m definitely not a brush snob — I will use anything I can get my hands on, as long as it works. In terms of good brushes, I have a couple of round brushes, a couple of flat brushes and a rigger. I also have a dilapidated fan brush that has definitely seen better days. The Read More


Helpful watercolor video lesson

Hi everyone! Just a quick post to share a watercolor video that I found last night that I think is great. I watch a lot of “speed painting” videos on YouTube. I love these videos because you can see hours of painting compressed down to just a few minutes. It’s not only fun to see Read More

Iain Stewart's video (shown below) shows how to build intense values in watercolor paintings through the use of layers

Using layers to build value in a watercolor painting

  A lot of people (myself included!) struggle with value when they are just getting started with watercolors.  When you want to create darker values, it’s tempting to just take paint straight from the tube or the pan with very little water. This shortcut works to a point, but the thickness of the paint somehow Read More

Photo by via Flickr Creative Commons

Artists: Seven steps to become more creative and inspired

There are some artists whose work grabs you and instantly pulls you in. Their ideas are captivating, their techniques are groundbreaking and their creativity is literally spilling out all over the canvas. Those artists make me sick. (just kidding! haha ) In all seriousness, though, some artists seem to have tapped into a creative well Read More


Fun Coffee Table Books for Art Lovers

I’ve always been an avid reader. Give me a good book and I can get lost for hours. These days my time for reading is rather limited, so I tend to find myself reaching for short stories or magazines instead of novels. Until my schedule clears up a bit and I have more time to Read More

movies inspired by artists

Movies Inspired by Famous Artists

Not long ago I wrote a blog post about novels inspired by famous paintings, which actually sparked the idea for this post. I got to thinking that along with books, there are probably a lot of art-inspired movies that have been made over the years. I generally don’t watch a lot of movies or keep up Read More