Butterfly Sketch – Ballpoint Pen & Watercolor

Another quick sketch tonight – this time a butterfly and some flowers. I used the Uni-Ball 207 pen that I got yesterday, and am still really liking it. It makes smooth, even lines and doesn’t skip or bleed. It also doesn’t require much pressure, which is great for working on watercolor paper. Since you don’t have to press hard you don’t wind up with dents in your paper. All in all I think the pen was a great purchase.

In regards to this piece, it measures 3.5″ x 5″. I like how it came out – particularly the bases of the flowers where the blues, yellows and oranges blend. Moving forward I want to try playing around with the backgrounds some more. I’d love to try to take advantage of some of the unique properties of watercolors to create some more dynamic/textured/interesting backgrounds behind my sketches.



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