Updated: List Of The Best Watercolor Channels On YouTube

Hi everyone! Sorry for being gone for so long – I haven’t posted in forever! I sort of drifted away from doing art for awhile. I am getting back into it again and have been watching YouTube tutorials and videos like crazy.

I had done a post on the best watercolor channels on YouTube a couple of years ago that included wonderful artists like Kelly Eddington, Agnes Cecile, Anna Mason, Grahame Booth, and Stevin Cronin. There are links to all of their channels in the original post if you want to check them out. I still love them all and really enjoy their videos.

Recently, however, I have found some other awesome YouTube channels that I think are worth sharing as well, so I figured I would post them here. I hope you find them as enjoyable to watch as I have!

The Mind Of Watercolor

This is far and away my favorite watercolor channel on YouTube at the present moment. It is run by Steve Mitchell and provides some of the most helpful watercolor tips and tutorials that I have had the pleasure of watching. I love how he breaks everything down into really easy/logical steps.

Most importantly, however, I also love his philosophy on working with watercolors. His channel name comes from the fact that watercolors sometimes have a mind of their own. Instead of fighting against the natural way that watercolors work, he shows how to work with them, allowing them to do their own thing so that they can add a bit of their magic to your paintings.

I’m posting a two-part tutorial that he did on painting a landscape so that you can see what I mean. Personally, I find the way that he explains everything and shows how to use the natural tendencies of watercolors to your advantage really inspiring:


Watercolor Misfit

I also just recently started watching this channel and really love a lot of the videos. Carrie, the girl who runs the channel, seems really down to earth and provides a lot of helpful, actionable advice.

The filming and editing of the videos is extremely well done, making them a lot of fun to watch. Along with watercolor-specific tutorials and tips, she also provides general art tips. For instance, she has videos on setting up your art space, coming up with a unique style and mastering drawing.

A lot of her videos are more talking than painting. However, I still find them enjoyable to watch and have learned some new things while watching. Here’s one of her videos to see if they are something you’re interested in:



I started following Hieu on Instagram quite awhile back. I loved his paintings. It was only later that I discovered that he also has a YouTube channel. Although he doesn’t have a ton of videos up, the ones that he does have are beautiful to watch. I particularly enjoy his time lapse paintings.

Being able to see one of his paintings come to life is a lot of fun. He’s really good at creating textures with his watercolors and at layering elements to create a lot of depth in his paintings. I’d encourage you to check out some of his videos. Here’s one of my favorites to start with:


I hope you enjoy these channels as much I do! Also, don’t forget to check out my first post on this topic to see even more great YouTube watercolor channels. Oh, and if you know of any other channels that are worth checking out, please feel free to post them in the comments section. I’m sure we’d all love to find some other channels to enjoy! 🙂


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