Artists: How to Accept Compliments

January 29, 2014 Beth 2

Do you find yourself feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed when someone gives you a compliment on your artwork? You’re definitely not alone. Graciously accepting compliments is […]

Mom and Dad

January 27, 2014 Beth 1

Tonight I tried doing a pen and wash of my parents from a photo I took last year at the botanical garden near the Ballard […]


January 25, 2014 Beth 0

Overall I think I like this one. Parts of it are overworked, but I like the blurry branches in the background. I also feel like […]


January 24, 2014 Beth 0

Although this portrait definitely has some issues, I was happy with how the eyes turned out. Skills that I still really need to work on […]


January 17, 2014 Beth 0

I watched a painting tutorial last night that helped a lot with some of the things I’ve been struggling with. This painting is loosely based […]