Red flowers with a bigger brush

Tonight I wanted to experiment with my new brush to see what all it could do. I used it to dab various shades of red on the paper to create the flowers.

I also used it with plain water on it to add texture to the background and to the leaves. By applying little dabs of water while the paint was still wet it created light spots.

I was working without a plan, so the composition is definitely rough, as are the leaves and stems.

I do like the way the shades of red layered on the flowers, though. I was also happy with how bright the colors came out.  I think it is partly because some of the reds were opaque, which really makes them stand out against the darker shades in the background.

I also really like my new brush. It was $2.99 well spent!

I think I will get a lot of use out of it in the future. It is particularly awesome for doing flat washes, and I really like being able to create fairly organic splotches of color by gently dabbing it on the paper.

I also like the plain water effect on the leaves, although I think I went a little overboard. It’s definitely something I can incorporate into future pieces to add a little bit of extra interest. I think this technique would be particularly useful for creating textural backgrounds.


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